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Hotel employment opportunities

Are you interested in being an hotelier?

Many job opportunities in hotels in many countries, especially countries that lack expertise in the field of hospitality. If you are still studying in junior high school, then you very well if you went to high school with majors in hospitality. This is a quick way to get a job, especially if you do not have funding for study at university. Working in the hospitality business is very interesting because you also have career opportunities to the top

Many people travel abroad for vacation or for work and business affairs. They will stay in a hotel or villa. In many countries there is always 
a new hotel or renovated hotel, new management changed and other prospects. You have a good chance in the future.

If you pursue education in hospitality, then you will know that a lot of positions or areas of work you can learn seriously. Many five-star hotels needs spa therapists, cook,  head cook, front office, florist, general manager, assistant manager, various staff positions at the restaurant, room service, sales and marketing, and so forth.

Given the international hotel chain which began aggressively expanding their business into different countries, the opportunity to work in the field of hospitality abroad will be wide open. 

Various countries in the Middle East such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia or in Singapore, Australia, India, USA, and several other countries, even Bali or Indonesia also still need your expertise in the field of hospitality. If you're young, you can work overseas, and then you will get a lot of interesting experiences, good income, and exciting career. With increasing work experience, then you will have a great resume. International hotel management usually often provides the opportunity for employees to change job in their hotel chains abroad.

In addition to expertise will require perseverance and hard work, so you can have a successful career in the future. Opportunity to work abroad is also increasingly open, then you had the opportunity to get to know other cultures, traveling as a tourist, you can even find a soul mate in another country. Is not this a very interesting and fantastic experience?

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Job opportunities on cruise ships

Do you want to work on a luxury yacht? Whoever you are, whatever your educational background, ranging from graduate school, even college graduates from various disciplines, employees, students drop out even though, as long as you qualify, then you can work on a cruise ship.

At least there are 70 to 100 types of jobs in each of the luxury cruise ship in need of employees from various disciplines. And the good news is there are dozens of jobs on each cruise ship that usually require working personnel from various countries. This is a golden opportunity that not detected by many many people, even by the government. Open vacancies on cruise ships is as follows:

Deck Department:
·         Wiper (WPR)
·         Quartermaster (QM)
·         Fireman/Greaser (FG)

Hotel Department:
·         Clerk (Leading to Purser) (Cerk)
·         Assistant Steward Lido (ASL)
·         General Purpose Attendant (GPA)Housekeeping/Laundry-Male(GPA-HK)
·         General Purpose Attendant (GPA) Housekeeping – Female (GPA-HKF)
·         Foreman Laundry (Leading to Laundry Master) (LM)
·         Waitresses (WF)
·         Chefs de Cuisine (CC)
·         Chefs de Partie (CP)
·         Florist (FLO)
·         Assistant Tournant (AT)
·         Assistant Commis (AC

Also needed for the engine deck crew.

Working on international cruise ships is a spectacular career that now more open to you and everyone Indonesia. A world-class opportunity to work. If you can work on a cruise, then you will enjoy a trip in the Caribbean and Alaska, and the leisure traveler with luxury cruises to places where their favorite Hollywood celebrities and the world, such as in Australia, Europe, Hawaii Islands, Bali, Bermuda,New Zealand, South America, Southeast Asia and many other exotic places.

When you wake up in the morning, you get yourself have been in the tourist port of new and different tourist attractions that you visit just yesterday. When you're "off duty" sometimes you get confused themselves decide where to go, whether shopping, the beach, or just walk and eat at the restaurant around the resort.

Imagine, you are always pocketed thousands of "U.S. dollar" is more than enough to do all the fun of your choice at the resort.
a. Maybe you can choose shopping, surfing the Jet sky, hired Jeep to walk around in the resort, buy a dive package,
b. Follow-up tour to see whales (whale watching) in Alaska, swimming with a tour follow a herd of friendly dolphins in the calm sea, clear as crystal in the Caribbean.
c. Or maybe just relax on the white sandy beach in Hawaii, enjoying the summer breeze that caressed and cold refreshments with typical strains of Hawaiian music that could release the fatigue.

You will soon have a new routine every few weeks is "going to the bank to transfer thousands of U.S. dollars your work" to the people you love, maybe for your wife, your brother and your parents.

Working on a cruise ship you will have many friends from different nationalities, as well as work, socialize, and enjoy the atmosphere of togetherness that gives its own excitement.

From the data I had collected over the years  on various cruise ships that operate in Europe, America and around the world.There are at least 40 cruise ships that travel companies have hundreds of luxury yachts. Every single yacht equal to 5 star hotels that employ 500 to 1500, even reaching 2000 employees (or better known as the "crew").

Comparison of the average between the crew and guests of the ship (passengers) are 1 to 2, meaning that it takes 1000 man crew for a cruise ship carrying 2000 guests. For example, a luxury yacht named "Freedom of the Seas" one of the mega-ship Company's famous "Royal Caribbean International" has a guest capacity (passengers) as many as 4370 people.

Mental preparation is one of the factors to consider before deciding to work on a cruise ship. In general, people only look at work on a cruise ship out of the 'sparkle' just for example: a lot of money and can travel the world for free so that the mental factor of less note. As a result, not least the need to go home (even deported) ahead of time whether it's because they can not survive the rigors of 'life' on board or it could be due to non-technical factors such as as longs to the family, often drunk, and so forth. You must have a strong commitment and good mental so that you can survive and succeed.
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